ACL 101 Foundations: Practice And Concepts

- An ACL Workshop

-Earn 25 CPE Credits

Certificate to be issued by ACL Corporation

-New ACL Analytics 14 features


Designed for beginner to intermediate level users of ACL. This course introduces you to ACL in an interactive, hands-on learning environment. You will learn key data analysis concepts and the basics of working with ACL software. Examples used in class will illustrate how the software can add value to your audits

On completion of the course the participants will be awarded certificates directly from ACL Canada

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamentals of data concepts, ACL basics, and data analysis cycles
  • Describe the three stages of data access
  • Create tables to access data
  • Display and filter data
  • Verify data integrity, create expressions, compare data from different files/systems, profile data, and produce data reports
  • Identify missing items, duplicates and gaps
  • Reorder and combine tables
  • Employ ACL to add value to audits
  • Visualizing with the AN11 Analysis App

•    Data concepts
•    ACL basics
•    Data analysis cycle

Data Access
•    Three stages of data access
•    Creating tables to access data (includes: flat files, report files, Excel, ODBC, and dBASE data)
•    Displaying and filtering data

Data Integrity Verification

  • Verifying integrity
    •    Confirming control totals
    •    Checking for correct bounds
    •    Identifying missing items
    •    Identifying duplicates
    •    Testing for reliability

Data Analysis
•    Working with computed fields
•    Isolating data
•    Profiling data
•    Reordering tables
•    Combining tables

Reporting Results
•    Creating a report from a view
•    Advanced reporting
•    Graphing results
•    Using the log
•    Documenting your analysis