ACL 201- Data Analysis Techniques

Course Materials from ACL Corporation

-Earn 25 CPE Credits


This course is designed for experienced ACL™ users. In an interactive, hands on environment you will learn how to integrate ACL commands and expressions to accomplish complex data analysis tasks.

You will also practice planning and executing a data analysis project by working through a series of case studies. Through this case-study approach you will learn how to effectively use ACL in real-life situations and discover what it means to think with ACL.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Exhibit proper planning techniques
  • Apply ACL in a structured audit analysis process.
  • Break analysis objectives into structured, manageable steps.
  • Identify and apply the ACL Analytics functionality needed to achieve objectives.
  • Use ACL Analytics to import data, prepare data for analysis, analyze data, and report issues.
  • Examine data elements and table structures.
  • Use best practice methodology.
  • Create table layouts for various source data types
  • Prepare data for analysis by testing the integrity of data (controls, bounds, completeness, uniqueness, association, and recalculation); critically assessing whether integrity issues will impair analysis objectives.
  • Test issues to identify patterns that may be indicative of the cause(s) of issues
  • Evaluate data to reveal exceptions
  • Document entire scope of analysis and process to be included in working papers and documented issues