ACL 303 Advanced: Functions And Scripts

Focus and Features

ACL has been adjudged the best Audit/Data Analysis Software by top consulting firms. It’s capability as a continuous audit/monitoring and data analysis tool is exceptional. But using ACL as a business tool requires some advanced skill set and knowledge above that used for ad hoc data analysis.

This course will afford participants the opportunity of learning how to create and document ACL scripts, develop interactive and advanced scripts using internationally recognized coding standards. The course is designed for people who are already basic – intermediate level users of ACL.

On completion of the course the participants will be awarded certificates directly from ACL Canada

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Create simple and interactive scripts to implement automated routines, continuous monitoring and gain further insight into your data
  • Develop complex and interactive scripts to automate audit/data analysis processes.
  • Apply ACL functions to perform parsing and harmonization of complex fields
  • Apply ACL functions to search for matching data

In this course you will gain an understanding of scripts and their usefulness in programming repetitive or complex data analysis tasks.

Script Basics

  • Accessing and running scripts
  • Creating and editing scripts
  • Documenting scripts
  • Setting ACL program options in scripts
  • Opening, closing, and linking tables
  • Calling scripts from other scripts
  • Defining computed fields
  • Creating variables
  • Using command syntax and multiline commands

Groups in Scripts

  • Adding processing efficiency and logic control to a script
  • Designing simple, conditional, and nested groups
  • Using variables in groups

Interactive Scripts

  • Providing user input in scripts (ACCEPT and PAUSE commands)
  • Using variable substitution
  • Building user dialog boxes
  • Building controls and error trapping


Financial, Operational, and External Auditors; Information System Auditors and Audit Management; Data analysts and Financial Control personal; Prospective ACL users.


Participants should have a basic knowledge of Windows. Participants are to come with their Laptops.


This is a live, instructor-led course in a classroom setting. For in-class activities, participants use the latest version of ACL. The class size supports individual attention and development.